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by | Jun 4, 2015 | Sports

Lavon has risen to capacity, after nearly drying up last year


By David Jenkins

Staff Writer

[email protected]


This time one year, Lake Lavon was pretty much dried up.

Last June, the water level at the Collin County lake was listed at 480.56.

That depth resulted in Stage 4 water restrictions being initiated.

At 480.56 it was the highest water level for Lavon since Sept. 4, 2013.

Lavon, which spans 21,400 acres, has filled up quite nicely over the last few months, with it reaching capacity.

With that reach in capacity, the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers has been releasing water.

Accumulated rains made the USACE make the decision to open the floodgates on the dam, a sight for many since it hadn’t occurred since April 2012.

When water is released from Lake Lavon, it flows into Lake Ray Hubbard to help fill that lake.

Denise Hickey of the North Texas Municipal Water District said the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers manages the levels of all the USACE owned and operated reservoirs based on long standing flood mitigation procedures.

The current elevation comes in at 503.45, with is 11.45 feet over the normal elevation of 492 feet.

It reached the conservation pool of 492 feet, with an elevation of 492.05 back on April 25.

Once it reached the max, the USACE began by releasing 1,100 cubic feet per second in accordance with the USACE water control plans.

Other lakes from around the area that have reached capacity are Ray Hubbard (436.73), Tawakoni (438.84), Texoma (645.71), Ray Roberts (644.02), Grapevine (561.55), Lewisville (536.58), Bonham (565.60) and Arlington (552.86).

Meteorologists have said that spring will continue to be a wet one and that summer may also hold hope for easing the drought.

Summer forecast also holds hope for North Texas as fewer days with 90’s and 100-degree temperatures are anticipated.

Due to the large amount of water all boast ramps attached to surrounding parks have been closed due to flood concerns.

Not in operation are East Fork Park, Lavonia Park and Clearlake Park

Parks closed altogether due to flood conditions are Lavonia, Mallard, Ticky Creek, Avalon, Lakeland, Pebble Beach, Caddo and Highland Park.

The only boat ramps that are still in service are at Collin Park Marina.

For further information, contact the Lake Lavon headquarters at 972-442-3141.

Collin Park offers boat slips, launching points, in addition to a park and campground.

For more information call 972-442-3567.

No matter if you are boating or just enjoying the water staying safe is important.

The four major causes of drowning are not wearing a life jacket, abuse of alcohol, lack of sufficient swimming skills and hypothermia.

To avoid any of these issues follow these simple rules.

– Learn to swim.

– Never swim alone, swim only in designated areas, watch children at all time. Never leave a child unattended while near the water.

– Wear a lifejacket. Children under the age of 13 are required by law to wear personal flotation devices (PFDs) while on the water in the State of Texas.

– Alcohol and water do not mix. Never consume alcohol while boating or swimming.

– Never rely on toys such as inner tubes and rafts to stay afloat.

– Do not over estimate your ability to swim.

– Never dive into lakes or rivers.

– Boaters should observe all warning signs and buoys. Please use caution when boating in unfamiliar waters.


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